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Come along with your high spirits and sombreros!

Drawn from decades of history and a culture

which remains as bright as the sun,

Tex-Mex is a cuisine like no other.

Its vibrancy is not be missed: get ready

for the fiesta that Tex-Mex brings!

  • Should you believe that life is to be enjoyed
  • and good food is worth fighting for,
  • then boldly allow the spirt of PERIOS to captivate you.

Our sunlit slice of Tex-Mex heaven honours traditional Mexican and

Southern Texan roots; as well as the fight and flamboyance of Luchadores,

who are the very fabric of Mexican culture.

And, if you’re a thrill-seeking amigo (which we’re certain you are),

don’t forget that at PERIOS, we offer 7 exciting flavours to help you

level-up your Tex-Mex experience. Here, you’re guaranteed to find

a plato that will tickle your tastebuds; and ignite your inner,

Mexican fighter.

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